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Hey, Matt Rhodes here, and most authors don’t realize that publishing books faster, and collecting royalties faster, go hand in hand.

Authors are frustrated about fast publishing and then collecting bigger royalties from their books… but Why?

Well, if you think about it, it’s perfectly clear…

Because first time authors just want to write…

So, we get excited about writing, but we get frustrated - even angry - about all the publishing and Amazon KDP set up...

...we only have so much time, focus, and energy…

So all the “publishing details” just get pushed off, over and over again…

...and this means your book never gets published.

But getting that book finished isn’t the real problem at all.

Instead, it’s the frustration - even disgust - that so much time and effort seems to be needed to turn a manuscript into a book.

The excuses pop up... 

The “mental blocks” stop you… 

And, your book sits on the hard drive… not getting published… it’s so frustrating...

So, this is why new authors don’t launch their books
and never enjoy a flood of sales.

It’s all related… it’s all connected - I’ve researched this for years…

Because when I got started I went through a period of “Failure to Launch” and I just didn’t know why back then.

Dragging myself to my laptop to write but never quite getting finished, suffering brain fog.

I would stare at a hot white glowing screen - and the final words just wouldn’t come out. It was draining... I felt dull and gray.

My wife noticed that I was getting depressed because I just couldn’t quite get it done, and finally getting published as a new author.

Everything started feeling terrible about writing my book -- especially my dream of being a published Amazon author...

I wanted to see my book on Amazon, but I couldn’t finish, and get the book launched. 

And, if I did start writing, I’d start to stress out, and worry about the Amazon system - all the checkboxes, selecting the countries, book pricing, cover set up… I mean all of it… 

Then I’d be wiped out at the end of the day in bed… and I’d be thinking about what I’d been telling my friends and family about “writing a book” - I was ashamed, and I just felt like a phony… like I was a fraud.

Does any of this sound familiar? Take this simple quiz:

Question 1: Do you look at your manuscript and worry about the cover?

Question 2: Does it take you a long time to get started and to keep writing sometimes?

Question 3: Do you feel nervous or anxious about using Amazon or KDP or even any of the software and tools available for publishing?

Question 4: Do you ever worry about how to edit and format your book content?

Question 5: Have struggled to publish your book or maybe start on the next book?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you're probably suffering from “Mental Blocks” and psychological stress,
just like I was...

It’s far more common for new authors to suffer like this than most people think, especially if you’re a good writer.

And having these “Mental Blocks” wipes authors out... their writing energy is just drained out… so writing new chapters becomes a real chore… even typing gets physically painful at times. 

So if you’re feeling weak or depressed or sad about writing, and not getting your chapters done, let me tell you now - it’s not your fault

It’s the publishing wall… the barriers… stopping you from getting done…

...and I’ve discovered that the “Publishing Wall” is actually caused by the hidden triggers and landmines in the Kindle book
set up process.

The hidden parts of the Kindle process creates that wall… 

So those gnawing, pit of the stomach bad feelings you have… not feeling like typing… not feeling like finishing… not getting your book done and launched on Amazon.

Psychologists call it akrasia… and it’s what’s causing a weakness of will.

And what most authors don’t realize is that authors love to write, not follow rules

The Kindle book publishing process isn’t creative… so there’s a build up of what I call Natural Resistance. You reject being told what to do - forced, like handcuffs!

And authors need to know the exact steps and perfect process
that creates Maximum Freedom...

Psychologist Robert Epstein, PhD. proved all of this with his groundbreaking scientific research, and he explained that these kind of constraints are:

“...detrimental to creative expression.”

So, when it’s time to finish your book, and you start thinking about publishing... 

Your brain shuts down.

It takes more and more time and energy to do the simple tasks, even things like coming up with chapter titles, writing simple dialog, fact checking, and even spelling and grammar checking…

It’s all harder, worse than running in place - it’s like you’re slowly sinking into a bubbling tar pit… 

And getting 500 words written? 

And finishing off that next chapter? Forget about it!

Writing becomes almost impossible when thinking about the Amazon Kindle publishing platform.

So it’s no wonder new authors struggle… the more they write, the more they slow down. 

They hit the Publishing Wall! 

The Natural Resistance increases… 

And Maximum Freedom goes in the toilet, and flushed.

But here’s the good news -- 

Brand new, first time authors can easily enjoy a publishing breakthrough with my exciting...

Kindle Speed Press Formula

It works because I start at the very beginning of Amazon Kindle publishing…

From the introduction to the content guidelines to even creating an account from scratch.

So that’s the first part where the bedrock foundation is built from the ground up - right in front of your eyes.

I’ve done the work… and all frustration is wiped away because it’s all streamlined. Point A to Point B. 

Imagine just watching and following along, step by step, without guessing. 

You’ve got your own account set up in a matter of minutes without any stress. 

In other words… if you can watch a few very short videos, you’ll be set up fast.

This Revolutionary Author “Follow Along” System 

Practically Does All The Work For You

So now, thanks to the Kindle Speed Press Formula, your KDP account is almost ready to go...

But you’re not just ready - it’s like you’ve got a supercharger built into your publishing. 

That’s right: No more barriers, no more limits, no more mental blocks or walls. 

Because being set up - by just following along - you’re ready for the next quick steps. 

And that includes positive energy and writing momentum, especially for those last few chapters, where maybe you’ve been stuck? 

More typing, more writing, more words… pouring out of your heart and mind, onto the screen, into your manuscript… your book coming to life… and launched to readers and new fans.

This is how my Kindle Speed Press Formula can 

naturally eliminate mental blocks and finally 

increase your writing speed to new levels, 

experienced by full time professional writers...

...and, bring back the joy and thrill of being a creative author.

Imagine the glow of pride you’ll feel again when the words spill out, without hesitation, and nothing holding you back. 

I think you will find the formula working for you right away - even better than drinking two or three cups of coffee - I’m talking real energy in your loins. 

After all, I jump out of bed every day, and at any time, on demand, ready and able to write exactly what I want, at top speed. 

Even better, this lasts all day long, with zero effort, and even when life “gets in the way” or there are distractions - just plow right through writer’s block.

And since my writing is faster now, chapters get written lightning fast and with almost zero typos or lame grammar problems…

Now it’s easy to get creative when I want to write like a New York Times Bestselling Author. 

Just like when I first got started and always had stories in my mind and writing was so dang easy.  

The best part is how much this has improved my memory, language, style… 

Even my friends and family marvel at my new abilities - they seem a little jealous at how much fun I’m having. 

In fact, the Kindle Speed Press Formula has an almost magical power to recharge your deep creative energy

So you can easily write for 30 minutes, 60 minutes, four hours, even all day… effortlessly. 

You might even be able to work on more than one manuscript at once, because of all the extra clarity and focus that you now have!

Who’s this formula work best for?

My Kindle Speed Press Formula is perfect for new authors who have struggled to get their book published on Amazon…

...who want to enjoy faster, more enjoyable writing…

And, it’s for writers who want to turn “Words Into Money” by launching a best-selling book, wondering why they often hold back…

...why they don’t follow their dreams like when they first started tapping those keys...

...even when they think they are motivated and successful…

And any author who wants to write faster and get published - maybe even in the next few weeks - can use this Kindle Speed Press Formula - and right now, it’s FREE!

Here are all the benefits authors can can get out of my 

FREE Kindle Speed Press Formula: 

Publish your book in under one hour

Not launching a book is caused by authors feeling frustrated and anxious about the Amazon Kindle system. Authors must have simple, clear cut, follow along training that reveals every step of the process.
The Kindle Speed Press Formula naturally removes all the “mess and fuss” normally associated with the Amazon Kindle publishing system - until now.

Make Amazon’s FREE software tools work for you

Even the most advanced writers don’t know about Amazon’s best kept secrets. Finally see under the hood and get the exact 1-2-3 steps that guarantee your book gets launched to millions of eager Amazon buyers.

Boost your creativity and writing speed without any learning curve

The best thing about this formula is how it can radically increase typing speed and mental clarity and creativity, all at the same time…
Now you have the same insider knowledge that was previously only available to USA Today Bestseller Authors and Amazon’s KDP Millionaires. And, your readers will love you for it. 

Better reviews, ratings and rankings

Amazon always rewards usability and a great reader experience. When you get the formula to perfectly set up your book in the system, you’re stacking the odds of success in your favor. Even better, you’ll respect and admire the book you publish. Be proud of your new baby.

Beautiful covers, clear table of contents, perfect chapter titles, and much more

All parts of your fresh new book are done right. No more cutting corners. No more “what if” - where you’re left guessing about how to get published.
Readers will smile from ear to ear, in fact, you’ll stop them from scrolling. They look at your book, they’ll buy it, and best of all… they’ll read your book, and love you for it.

...and you my entire system, with all the bells and whistles, and all the fun for just $0.99

Kindle Speed Press Formula  ($97 Value)

My Kindle Speed Press Formula avoids all the problems, hiccups and gotchas of Amazon Kindle book publishing, like no other system can. Not only will you eliminate the frustrations caused by “publishing blocks” but your mind will be clear, your heart will be open and those words will fly off your fingers onto the keyboard at superhuman speed. This means that you’ll get your book finished, into Amazon, and in front of the readers who have been waiting for your fantastic creation. Plus, you’ll literally sleep better at night, with peace and calm, knowing your new book has finally been launched.

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